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Funding application

The aim of the Trust is to support projects that fall into the category of providing a community benefit. In practice this might mean any project related to environmental issues, our community halls & schools or that supports youth activities. Other novel and imaginative projects will also be considered.

The Trust will certainly consider all such possibilities and any organisation including clubs, schools, parent groups and community based or other similar organisations may apply for a Trust grant. If in doubt then please ask the Trust for further information or guidance.

Priority will be given by the Trust to projects where more appropriate funding sources might not be available. The Trust will consider co-funding projects, particularly where acting as a co-funder may enable the release of other larger funding from elsewhere.

The Trust is unable to fund feasibility studies or other pre-funding works where commercial companies are involved.

The fund has been set up to support projects even if they are due to run over more than one financial year. This means that projects do not have to start and finish in any one financial year. However, the trust may be unable to commit all the finds necessary to a project if they fall into this category as this may impact their ability to offer funding for new projects as they apply.

The Trust has been set up as an independent body and will therefore make all its own decisions with regard to funding requests. In the event that expert advice is needed to come to a decision, it will consult with suitable parties to help with that process.

Applications for grants will be considered at meetings throughout the year. The deadline for applications is 14 days prior to each meeting.

Meeting Date Deadline for Applications
15th February 2024 1st February 2024
16th May 2024 2nd May 2024
15th August 2024 1st August 2024

To make an application to the Glens of Foudland Community Fund, please download the Application Form using the links on the side of this page.  Once completed please send the form to windfarmtrust@gmail.com.

The Application Form may also be sent by post to: The Secretary, Glens of Foudland Community Trust, New Flinder, Insch, AB52 6YY.

The Application Form is also available from the following Community Councils – Strathbogie, Bennachie, Tap o-Noth as well as Aberdeenshire Council.